Strain: Alien Bubba
Breeder: The Cali Connection
Grow Space: Outside deck
Lights: Sun for veg, LED for flower
Medium: Coco and perlite
Nutrients: Emerald Harvest 3-Part

This is the first clone I've ever bought, so I thought it might be worth a grow log. The plant was cloned by Cultivated Industries and I bought it at Satchel's in Portland Oregon. I'm putting her in low light for the first few weeks until her roots get going fully.

Week 3

Week of June 24 - 2018
Since putting clones out in too much sun before their new roots are developed can be taxing on them, we put the clone in a window that gets partial sun. I've only used mild nutrients (liquid seaweed) so far. She gets bright ambient sun all day and several hours of direct but filtered sunlight per dat. Growth has been slow so far but shows good root development.

Alien Bubba growing in a window

Week 6

Week of July 15 - 2018
After spending the first few weeks fairly low sunlight, I transplanted to a two gallon pot and moved into more sun. Between that and starting real nutes, she should start putting on more mass soon

The leaves still look fat, wrinkled and a little malformed - even the new growth. Clones can do this, but its worth keeping an eye on.
In the new container

Week 7

Week of July 22 - 2018
Okay, now we see movement! She is starting to put on mass, both vertical and horizontal. Since the top started growing, I went ahead and topped the cola so that she will get even bushier. She is currently 12 inches tall at her tallest point.

Putting on a bit of mass now

Since it appears she's laying down roots into the new pot, I moved her into more direct sunlight. So far, she has lived under all day ambient sunlight with only a few hours of direct sun each day. Her new spot on the deck will give her 6 hours of direct sunlight.

Week 10

Week of Aug 12 - 2018
The last couple of week in full sun have been great. She's still a short bushy plant, but seems to be filling out nicely and finally growing vigorously. I think its time to transplant her to the final container and maybe even transition her inside for flowering.

Is it normal for clones to take this long to get going? Plants that I started from seed after I got this plant already have more mass - or maybe they are just taller in comparison.

She's finally starting to put on mass quickly.

Week 11

Week of Aug 19 - 2018
Big changes this week! The night time temperature is dropping into the low 50s and it seemed like the right time to repot her and bring the girl inside to get ready for flowering.

You can see that she's been putting on size over the last couple of weeks, and so have the roots! When I went to repot her, she was very close to being root bound. I moved her from a 2 gallon pot (~8 liters) her into a 4 gallon pot (~16 liters) for flowering. I'm running the lights at 16 hours per day for the first week and then will switch to 12/12 next week.

It's a 3x4 tent and she's with 3 others roughly the same size. There are two 400 watt COB lights (each run about 180 watt actual draw) and a fairly powerful 6" exhaust fan out the roof. It stays between 65 and 75F mostly and the humidity is around 50%.

She looks happy in her new container in her new home!