This shouldn't come as a suprise to anyone, but it's becoming more clear that conservative states that have passed medical marijauna laws are dragging their feet, or in some cases activley blocking the implemententation of these laws. From this piece by the Associated Press, while voter's passed legislation to make cannabis available to medical patients, states like Oklohoma and Florida are attempting to ban smokable cannabis or prevent access to cannabis altogether:

After more than 70 percent of Florida voters approved medical marijuana in 2016, the Republican-controlled Legislature there imposed a similar ban on smokable pot. A judge last month ruled that such a ban was unconstitutional.

In Arkansas, 53 percent of voters approved medical marijuana in 2016, but a legal challenge has delayed the program. Michigan voters approved medical marijuana in 2008, only to be followed by years of court fights.

In Texas, the GOP-led Legislature approved a restrictive medical marijuana law in 2015, then proceeded to institute strict regulations. It allowed only three dispensaries in a state of 27 million people and imposed the highest licensing fees in the country.

The citizens of these states voted to be humane. They voted that it was the right thing to do to allow their neighbors to have access to a natural healing source, and the legislators and administrators are subverting that will. The government's role in a democracy is to carry out the will of the people - not subvert it for the directions on their own 'moral compass'. Remind them.