Strain: Frost Boss
Breeder: Homegrown Natural Wonders
Grow Space: Outside/Tent
Lights: Veg in sun - Flower under LED
Medium: Coco and perlite

Week 0

Week of July 22 - 2018

I bought these seeds down in Portland a few weeks ago and this weekend made a great time to get them started. Homegrown Natural Wonders is a west coast legend in cannabis genetics, so I can't wait to see what these do.

I'm germinating all 5 seeds and plan leave them outside through August for a short veg and then bring them inside to flower. These are regular seeds, so I'll cull the males then.

Wish me luck! Would love to get some feedback on how its going.

Germinating 5 seeds in a bright window.

Week 1

Week of July 29 - 2018

All 5 germinated within 36 hours and are doing great! I have them in a bay window where they get a few hours of direct sun and indirect sun the rest of the day.

All five seeds germinated.

Week 2

Week of Aug 5 - 2018

I've moved them out onto the deck, where they get a brigher ambient sun, plus a few hours of direct sun in the evening. A few of the stalks we're droopy, so I've staked them up with wire tied very loosly.

I've been watering a few times a week, and only using straight water so far, but will start nutrients next week.

I've staked the young seedlings up using light gardening wire and wooden skewers.

Week 3

Week of Aug 12 - 2018

It was easy to tell that were ready for nutrients by the yellowing on the baby leaves, so we gave them their first mild dose of nutrients. Hopefully, we should see some explosive growth starting this week.

The yellowing baby leaves say 'feed me!'