This mostly-sativa hybrid produces tons of resin and has amazing medicinal and phsycoactive effects. Philosopher Seeds bred this complex strain by combining some top-shelf genetics and the end result is top-shelf bud that looks, smells, tastes and feels amazing.


Strain NameFruity Jack
Seed BreederPhilosopher Seeds
Seed TypeFeminized Photoperiod
Easy to Growstarstarstarstar_halfstar_border
Flower Speedstarstarstarstar_halfstar_border
Medical Usesstarstarstarstarstar

We've grown several of these and had 100% germination rate. We topped half of them multiple times and allowed the others to grow natuaraly. The flowers were medium sized, but loaded with resin and very complex, fruity fragrances. The ones we grew over winter turned vibrant purple since the temperatures often hovered in the low 60's. When flowered for the recommended minimum of 7 weeks, we noted some anxiety and racing thoughts that can come with potent sativa's. Waiting a full 9 weeks to harvest allowed the CBD to fully form and transformed it into some of the best medicinal bud we've ever had. The effects are relaxing and hazy without the couch-lock that you get with a lot of heavy Indicas.

Fruity Jack from Philosopher Seeds produces top-shelf buds with tons of resin. Click here to shop for Fruity Jack seeds on Seedsman.

Easy to Grow?

These plants were not especially easy to grow. On the upside, they were not especially prone to pests or nutrient issues and they grew very vigorously. On the downside, there are some structural issues with this plant.

When left to grow naturally, the plants formed a pleasant christmas tree shape and grew uniformly to around 4' each (1.2 meters), relatively short for a sativa heavy hybrid. While the colas were only medium sized, they became very heavy with resin (trichome production) and the stalk wasn't strong enough to support the weight. We had to use wires connected to the tent frame to keep them from upright.

Fruity Jack has great resin production - so much that it wanted to tip the plant over!

For the specimens that we shaped, the plants did well with topping but not as well with low stress training. The stems are wet feeling, like the skin is very thin, and found that we broke several while trying to tie the plant down. They snapped very easy compared to some strains. As they grew, they tended to 'sprawl' out in the tent and invade other plants spaces - probably due to the resin weight and weak stems.

Speed to Flower?

These flowers ripen slowly. The breeder recommends 7 weeks minimum, which will result in potent buds with rather extreme psychoactive effects. Waiting the maximum recommended of 9 weeks resulted in buds with a relaxing sedative effect with very high levels of CBD and other medicinal compounds. The wait is worth it, bu if speed to harvest is your primary concern, this isn't the strain for you.

Medical Use?

This plant has some serious medical applications, especially for a mostly sativa plant with strong psychoactive effects. The THC:CBD ratio of 2:1 helps balances the side effects of THC without losing its stimulant and psychoactive effect. As a result, this flower works well to treat stress and pain. If you want the maximum CBD, you will need to flower for at least 8-9 weeks. Learn more on how to find the perfect time to harvest for medical purposes in our harvesting guide.


Fruity Jack has high levels of THC at around 21%. The effects are relaxing and ceravrak, so you might just find yourself talking a lot.

Exposed to lower temperatures, we saw amazing colors in Fruity Jack.


The advertized yield is high at 500 grams per square meter, but we did not see that size of yield. Every plant we grew produced top-shelf bud loaded with resin, but the buds were the smaller buds we associate with heavy sativa plants. The oeverall yield was fairly low compared to other strains.


This is where this strain really shines! The breeder nails it in their description:

Fruity Jack provides a balanced blend of the flavors of both parents, with prevalent Haze notes and fruity and citric notes. It offers a wide range of fruity undertones, especially when vaped.

When it was growing, it smelled like Juicy Fruit gum. When it was harvested and cure though, strong diesel notes appeared. The end result is a top-shelf bud that I am proud to show off and I think you'll like it too.

Grow Setup

We grew in a 4x4 tent with 4 LED lights: one 1200W light, one 800W light and 2 400W COB lights. The temp was between 60 and 70 degrees thoughout the grow. We grew in a soil/coco mix and used Blue Planet Nutrients as the base nutrient for this grow, along with CalMag and occasionally compost tea.

Fruity Jack from Philosopher Seeds produces top-shelf buds with tons of resin. Click here to shop for Fruity Jack seeds on Seedsman.

About Philospher Seeds

Describing themselves as an “Artisan seed bank”, Philosopher Seeds are hands on with their product, making everything with extreme care and working in conjunction with experienced professionals to ensure quality in all of their strains. The Spanish breeders also have an extensive research and development team, who source, breed and share a multitude of strains through the Philosopher brand. Click here to see more strains from Philosopher Seeds.

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