Started on Dec 09 2018

Clearwater Kush Mother Grow

Its cold and grey now, but I want to have clones ready to fill the greenhouse this spring. I picked up some Clearwater Kush seeds from Archive Seeds when we went down to Portland this summer and I want to grow one out to be the mother of the clones.

I got 10 regular seeds, so I have no idea which will be male or female until they go into flower. I am going to start 4 of them and let them grow until its time to top them. Instead of discarding the cuttings, I'll label them and put them int.o soil to develop roots. Once the little clones have enough roots, I'll throw them into flower to see which are male and which are female - that I'll know the sex of each clones parent. I'll remove all the male plants and grow the females out.

The mother plants should be pretty big by spring, so I'll prune them back hard on the lower branches and make clones of all the cuttings.

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