Started on May 09 2019

Outdoor Auto Summer Grow

Its such a nice spring here, I wanted to grow a couple of autos outside. I am starting 2 Amnesia Auto that came free from Seedsman with an order. I am starting them inside, but will move them to the back yard by the middle of May - when it should be warm enough for them to stay outside all night.

The last grow I posted on here was my first grow in pure coco and I dont think I'll do that again. I am growing in local organic potting soil - straight from my garden! I ran balanced water through it to get the pH right. I have a sunny spot in the back that should give them plenty of direct light in the middle of the day, but there's nowhere with full sun.

I'm excited about this grow! Wish me luck!

Week 1 Growing by mota-monk

Troubleshooting Cannabis
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