Blue Planet's Elite 3-Part is a synthetic fertilizer that's been specially formulated for growing cannabis. Since it's a 3-part series, you will need to mix some from each part every time you feed. This series works for hydroponics and soil as well as coco-coir and other soil-less mediums.

Part 1: Grow

Grow is formulated to help promote vegetative and root growth with high level of magnesium and sulfur. Most often, grow formulas have high levels of nitrogen and low levels of potassium, but Blue Planet's Grow has an N-P-K of 2-1-6. Remember that this is a 3-part and most of the nitrogen comes from the Micro part in this series.

Part 3: Micro

Micro provides high levels of nitrogen and calcium along with plenty of micro-nutrients (like boron, copper and zinc) that your plants need for basic building blocks.

Part 3: Bloom

Bloom provides phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, and sulfur to promote flower growth.

This quart (.9L) set is plenty for multiple grows. Click here to see if its right for you.

Note: Never mix parts before you add them to water.


We used this series through a several grows with multiple strains with consistently good results. We saw larger than average stalks and aggressive vegetative growth.

Some farmers have report success using 1/2 to 3/4 the recommended amounts though out growth. We start seedlings on 1/2 dosage after the second week and then use recommended amounts throughout their life cycle and didn't note any significant nutrient burn nor signs of deficiencies.

The Elite 3-Part series consistently produces quality results.

Note: In every product review, we document 3 positives and 3 negatives to add balance.

3 Positives:

1.) The results are solid. We've been impressed with the rapid root growth and beefy stalks that result in huge, dense buds.

2.) The cost to purchase is relatively low compared to other brands. The cost difference is offset in the long run through because you use quiet a bit every feeding.

3.) The feeding schedule is clearly printed on every bottle. This seems like a little thing, but you'll love this feature if you've ever had to pull out your cell phone to lookup a feeding schedule.

3 Negatives:

1.) Not organic. This is made through chelation, a process that binds metals to organic compounds. While it enables rapid uptake, since the nutrients are immediately available to the plant, many growers believe it negatively impacts the taste and smell of the final product. Many users believe that organic buds are safer since they don't contain these metal ion compounds.

2.) It lowers pH. Starting with water a pH of 7.5 and adding the recommended amounts of each part lowers the pH to between 6.5 and 5.5. This works perfectly for us, since it puts the water into the sweet spot. If your water is already low, this might become an issue.

3.) Bottles empty at different times. If you buy an Elite 3-Part bundle (Grow, Micro and Bloom) and you follow the recommended schedule, you will run out of Bloom first and then Grow while you still have plenty of Micro left.


If you're on a budget and you want a nutrient specially formulated for marijuana, this is for you. The instructions are simple and easy to understand and the results speak for themselves. We recommend this series for new and seasoned farmers alike.

Learn more about selecting the right nutrients for your setup in our water and nutrient guide.


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This quart (.9L) set is plenty for multiple grows. Click here to view the details on Amazon.