On the surface, this readily available organic solution looked like it should work well with marijuana plants. We bought and tested it on a couple a plants and were so shocked by the results that we tested several times with similar results.

We have tested EcoSMART Organic Garden Insect Killer on multiple cannabis plants, each time with disasterous results - we do not recommend that you use it on cannabis plants.

What's it made for?

According to the manufacturer:

Kills and repels garden insects and mites, exposed eggs, larvae and adult stages with EcoSMART's patented dual-action formula
Safe to be used on vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals, shrubs, flowers and gardens

It even claims that you can use on vegetables safely on the same day as you harvest and consume. It does not claim to be made for cannabis, but since it is readily available at local stores and is food safe, we wanted to test it out on cannabis.

Note: We also tested this product on vegetables and ornamentals and it damaged them as well.

What's it made from?

The active ingredients are all natural and very similar to what you find in other natural pest control options: rosemary oil, peppermint oil, thyme oil, clove Oil, water, mineral oil (USP) octadecenoic acid potassium salt and lecithin.

How did it work?

In each case, if the plants were exposed to any light after the application (even low levels of ambient lights) the leaves wilted, turned black and became twisted over time. While some plants were unrecoverable, the exposed plants that survived continued to exhibit signs of nutrient deficiency that plants that were not exposed to this spray didn't show.

This young vegging plant got one spray and then exposure to ambient light - see how the sprayed leaves have darkened, formed legions and are twisting?

The root causes of the destruction are mysterious, since the ingredients are similar to other products. We ran this test using multiple strains and scenarios and determined that it had to do with light exposure after being sprayed.

In any case, you should not use this to treat pests on cannabis plants since there are plenty of other treatments that work well without damaging your crop.

Mite-X works great for killing mites on contact. It has low odor and it is safe for cannabis plants.

We use a solution of cold-pressed organic neem oil. Neem oil soilution's don't directly kill insects, but make it an extremely hostile environment for them to live and breed.

Mix 7.5 ml of neem oil, and 2.5 ml of mild liquid dish soap (we use Dr Bronner's Pure-Castile Soap) per quart of warm water. The soap acts as an emulsifier, so use warm water and shake well. Spray all of the leaves, especially the underside, until they are dripping and then allow to dry in low light.

Spray cannabis leaves regularly with a neem oil solution (especially the undersides) to prevent pests from taking hold.