Located in the US Pacific Northwest, we are dedicated to helping new farmers learn to grow kinder bud. We are all legally licensed medical growers and all pictures of cannabis on this site are from our medical crops.

Why did we make this site?

Reviewing articles, tutorials, forums and advisory groups for new growers, we realized that there was a lot of bad information mixed in with the good. Its very confusing for new growers to find so much contradictory information, often on the same site.

We created this site to be a comprehensive guide to help new growers learn how to grow kinder bud – all the way from seed to smoke. We use science and engineering to validate ‘common knowledge’ before passing it on.

Our Core Tenets

  • Everyone can grow top-shelf cannabis with the right instruction and examples
  • Growing doesn’t have to be expensive if you’re creative
  • Cannabis gardens can be beautiful spaces that improve your life

How do we make money?

No-one pays us to write articles and reviews, and we would never accept money to write about any product. We only review products that we use to grow the cannabis you see on this site. If we recommend the product for you, we provide links to the places we trust. We only get money if you find a product review useful and click on a link and purchase the product.


We want to learn from you too – especially if you believe we got something wrong. Send questions, tips or feedback to: [email protected]

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