Kwazulu by World of Seeds Review

Kwazulu Seeds Overview

9.5 out of 10

World of Seeds found this landrace strain growing in South African mountains and have produced a stable strain. This is our favorite strain this year for good reasons: it is a compact Sativa that has a reasonable flowering time and produces extremely high-quality flowers with psychedelic-but-relaxing effects.

Easy to Grow
10 out of 10
Flowering Speed
10 out of 10
9 out of 10
9 out of 10


Compact for a Sativa

Holds up to pests

Amazing high

Many medical applications


No negatives

The Details

This pure sativa, landrace originally grows wild on the north-facing slopes of South African mountains and has been used and cultivated by the Zulu peoples of the region. World of Seeds has created a stabilized strain that captures many of the great qualities of this compact plant. We have grown quite a few of these over the last year and have found it grows well indoors and out – at least in the Pacific Northwest – and has become our favorite strain of the year.

This plant is extremely easy to grow. Its compact size, generally under 3 ft (1M) helps with indoor grows and helps provide wind protection and improved stealth for outdoor grows. It is not particularly prone to pests, stands up well to rough weather conditions, and not prone to nutrient issues. At 60 days, this plant is extremely fast flowering, especially for a sativa.

Kwazulu buds that are ready for harvest.

The yields are good for a sativa and the buds are good-sized too. The breeder advertises the yield at 350 gr/m2, and this is close to what we saw. While the size and structure are fairly stable, but there appear to be at least 2 phenotypes; one that develops red leaves and smaller buds and one that has bright green leaves and fatter buds. In all the cases, the buds are extremely tight, resin-coated, and covered with dark purple hairs.

All of this makes it a perfect candidate for home grows.

The compact structure makes these plants great for indoor grows.

The Best Part

The best thing about this plant is that the high is a relaxing mix of psychedelic effects and positive feelings. While the overall THC is under 20%, the CBN and other Cannabinoids in the flowers blend to create a super experience. The flavor profile is great, with a sweet, tropical vibe. All of this comes together to form a luxury bud.

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