Aurora Indica is a cross between an Afghani and a Northern Lights that produces a low growing compact plant with good sized colas. Compared to other strains, these plants do particularly well in cold and wet climates. It is a sturdy plant that produces very pleasant flower and can make a great choice for new growers.


Strain NameAurora Indica
Seed BreederNirvana Seeds
Seed TypeFeminized Photoperiod
Easy to Growstarstarstarstarstar_border
Flower Speedstarstarstarstarstar_border
Medical Usesstarstarstarstarstar_half

We've grown a few of these now and have been impressed with the uniformity - particularly for an F1 hybrid- they all grow fairly low with a strong, structure. We topped them multiple times to get a full bush out of them and they responded very well.

This plant is a true indica in all the ways you want it to be: low growth, strong structure and a great smoke that wont leave you couch locked. The flowers are very dense and tightly packed, making it a good producer overall.

Aurora Indica grows into a bushy plant if topped

At about 10 weeks, the flowering time is a little longer than some Indica plants, but still not too bad.

Easy to Grow?

This plant is fairly easy to grow and would make a good strain for new farmers. It is not particularly sensitive to nutrient issues or pests, but it is not particularly pest resistant either.

We typically have left them in vegetative growth for 6 weeks or so and topped a few times before putting them in flower. This plant is a vigorous grower in vegetative state and doesn't stretch much in flower, which is great for tent growers.

Aurora Indica produces tons of red hairs during flower

Medical Use

Aurora Indica can be used effectively on a number of conditions. Since it is a fairly heavy Indica with a typical sedative effect, it works very well for insomnia and eating disorders. The reduced potency and sedative effects reduce the anxiety effects that are seen in some strains.

Yield, Potency and Flavor

We found the yield to be fair compared to other strains, but not a top producer overall. For indoor grows though, particularly sea of green, this strain competes nicely with others.  The potency is fairly low at 15-17%, but this is the right range for many smokers who can become anxious with higher levels of THC. The texture, smell and flavor of this strain was a nice suprise. The tastes are earthy and spicy and go down super-smooth. Overall, it produces a mellow high with a nice sedative effect that is perfect for binging some late night TV.

About Nirvana Seeds

These guys are legends in cannabis breeding. Since 1995, they have been producing some of the top strains in the world from their Amsterdam gardens.