Using all-natural chelating agents, Vegamatrix combines some of the health benefits of organic fertilizers with the growth boosts of chemical fertilizers.

Vegamatrix Nutrient Line

8.5 out of 10

This line of nutrients is primarily based on natural ingredients and processes but performs in line with traditional salt-based nutrients – boosting growth but leaving behind almost undetectable heavy metal content. We’ve been using Megamatrix for years now as our daily nutrient with great results and have found the only downside is the cost – but we still find it a great value.

Ease of Use
10 out of 10
9 out of 10
8 out of 10
7 out of 10


Easy to use

Primarily natural ingredients

Little residue left behind

Great performance


Not the cheapest option

About Vegamatrix Nutrients

This unique line of nutrients is based on an earth and health-friendly approach that uses safe and sustainable ingredients. They call this a high-performing fertilizer ‘veganic’. Look at the companies ‘About Us’ statement to learn a little about the thinking that has went into this formulation:

We are a company created with love for the human race and for the planet, a company based on kindness, respect and generosity to each other and to the earth. Each and every one of us serves a role that is intrinsic to the whole. Together, bringing out the best in one another, we strive to create products that will help make the world a better place.

The resulting product is so close to natural that we have never noted a case of nutrient burn. While we have seen beefier growth from other products, the salt residue left behind was concerning. With this mix, the residue left behind so low that its nearly undetectable.

There are lower-cost solutions on the market you could pick. It depends on your priorities if Vegamatrix is a good value or not. If you want the best of both worlds, this stuff is perfect. It’s made from a blend of organic materials and naturally mined minerals and just a touch of synthetic minerals to provide explosive growth.

How We Use It

Vegamatrix offers a wide variety of nutrients and supplements for cannabis gardens (see full list here), but we use the Grow and Bloom nutrients throughout the plants lifecycle. Grow contains higher levels of nitrogen for strong vegetative growth. Bloom brings in higher levels of phosphorous and potassium for growing huge flowers. The manufacturer recommends adding Boost, a veganic proprietary blend of Calcium, magnesium, and plant-based ingredients including Kelp, soybean, willow, and yucca extracts. We also used Grow and Bloom along with Cal-Mag and FoxFarm’s BigBloom, made from bat guano and earthworm castings and had great results.

Since it does not cause nutrient burn, you can use Vegamatrix at almost every watering without harming the plant. We have found that using it at every other watering works just fine too. It works in all mediums, from hydro to soil.

While we will continue trying other nutrients, Vegamatrix remains our go-to nutrient.

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