Budget Closet Grow Kit

This is our most basic grow kit, but it’s powerful enough to grow high quality cannabis for the casual smoker. It doesn’t include a tent, so assumes that you already have a closet or cabinet with good ventilation to grow in. To keep costs down, use a plastic cup for seedlings and an existing container or left over nursery pots. For under $175 USD, the budget kit can net 200 to 300 grams per square meter (2/3 to 1 ounce per square foot), depending on the strain. Not bad considering the startup costs.

Can I really grow weed in a closet?

Absolutely. In fact, you can grow some amazing weed in a closet with the right lights and enough ventilation. The Raspberry Cough below was grown from seed to harvest in a small coat closet with a single LED light and a small fan.

With enough airflow, closets make great grow spaces.

Grow Space – Bring Your Own

This budget kit is for people who already have a great place to grow and will work well for space of 24″x24″ (.5x.5M) and at least 4′ (1.2M)  tall. You can use a large cabinet or a spare closet with good ventilation. Get creative, as long as your space meets these basic requirements:

Good Ventilation: Without good ventilation, the air in your grow space will become very humid and hot and lead to mold, disease and stress.

Heat Control: Cannabis likes the same temperature ranges as you do; too hot or too cold and the plant just shuts down and a good grow space keeps temperatures between 65F (18C) and 80F (27C) and never than 60F(15C) and never more than 90F (32C).

Light Control: Traditional photoperiod cannabis strains need over 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness in a 24 hour cycle to flower. Even a quick sweep of light can cause the plant to stop flowering. A good grow space for photoperiod strains can be completely backed out.

Vertical Space: Cannabis can get tall, from 1′ all the way to 20′ (6.6m) tall depending on strain. You will need to select a strain that will fit into your space and use topping and training to make the most efficient use of your space and lights. Remember that lights hang down at least 1 foot (.3M) and you will need to keep at least the same amount between the lights and canopy. A good grow space is at least 2′ (.6M) taller than the top of your plant after its done growing.

To learn more about picking an optimal grow space, check out our grow space guide.

Light – Under $90 USD

For growing in compact spaces, you need a light that doesn’t burn hot. LEDs are very efficient so they make a great choice for for keeping heat and costs down.

Two other important factors in a closet grow are stealth and safety. For those reasons, we highly recommend Mars Hydro TS 600W LED Grow Light. The high quality build will help prevent electical issues and the fanless architecture will keep your grow quiet.

Nutrients – $20 USD

Cannabis plants need macronutrients for basic building blocks in their rapid growth process. During the vegetation phase, nitrogen is very important and potassium is less important – though those roles reverse during flowering. Marijuana plants need micronutrients too, like iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Read our water and nutrient guide to get the details.

We recommend Humboldt’s Secret base nutrient system because it has professional results and is easy to use. Best of all, they offer an 8oz starter pack that will let you try it out without a heavy investment.

pH Balance Kit – $20 USD

You will want to test the pH every time you water to make sure the soil stays in the right pH range. Cannabis likes pH between 5.5 and 7 depending on the strain. See our Water and Nutrient guide to learn more about managing pH.

We use General Hydroponics pH control kit to test and balance pH. This solution is well buffered, pH stabilizes quickly and the included test kit is easy to use.

Soil – Under $20 USD

FoxFarm’s Ocean Forest soil drains well and is specifically pH balanced for cannabis. You can amend it with coco or use it as is.  

Seed – Under $20 USD (including delivery)

You have two options for the types of seed to choose. The first is a photoperiod feminized seed that will produce heavier yields but requires your space have good light control for flowering. The second is a an autoflowering strains, which often have lower yields but light control isn’t an issue. Read more about cannabis strains and seeds here.

Total: Under $175 USD

This is a startup cost. Soil is an ongoing cost, but nutrients will last for several grows and the lights will last for over 50k hours.

What can I grow with this setup?

This setup has a maximum coverage of around 2.25 square feet (.2 sqare meters). The Afgan Mass from 00 seeds below was grown in a 18″x18″ (.45x.45 meters) converted stereo cabinet and netted around 40 grams of high-quality bud. Given current prices for recreational cannabis in Seattle, you will more than pay for the entire setup with the savings from one grow.

This plant is being grown in a small cabinet with reflective foil on the walls.

How can I grow more?

Simple answer: more light. Check out our budget tent grow complete kit and our lighting guide for some ideas. If you want great results with stealth, try a professional grow box, you wont be sorry!

How can I increase air flow?

Adding more airflow can be as simple as adding fan as long as the closet it ventilated well enough. Adding ventilation to a space without good ventilation would mean adding a vent fan through the ceiling, walls, or door. Since this requires cutting a hole, it may not work for you.

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