Grow, Micro, Bloom is a 3 part base nutrient system from Emerald Harvest that has been developed specifically for cannabis. We've done several trials with it and here's what we found:

ManufacturerEmerald Harvest
Product NameGrow Micro Bloom
Product Type3 Part Cannabis Nutrients
Product UseSoil, Coco & Hydro
Easy to Usestarstarstarstarstar_half

About Emerald Harvest Grow Micro Bloom

The first thing that drew my attention to this base nutrient set was the philosophy of the company themselves. Based out of Santa Rosa California, Emerald Harvest takes a farmer centric view:

The idea of Emerald Harvest was the fruit of thousands of conversations with growers like you. You told us how devoted you are to your plants. We witnessed firsthand your knowledge and expertise. We learned you have needs that nutrient companies are not addressing.

What you want is an easy-to-use, high-quality nutrient brand offered at a reasonable price. That’s exactly what you get with Emerald Harvest.

Emerald Harvest Professional 3 part base nutrient is a combo pack made up of their Grow, Micro, Bloom fertilizer products. Whats sets this combo apart is that Emerald Harvest provides minimum dosage recommendation and encourages you to find the right blend for your setup. In addition to well buffered amounts of NPK, it also provides a rich mix of trace elements such as magnesium, cobalt & molybdenum as well as many chelated micronutrients such as copper, manganese, zinc & iron.

Easy to Use?

One of the best features is the easy to pour spout. Its suprising how many companies don't pay attention to the one feature you use the most - the pour spout. Its just a hole, so I'm not sure why so many nutrients pour out like they have a built-in dribble glass feature, but Emerald Harvest gets it right here. Spills and drips are much less of a problem than with other brands.

On the downside, the feeding schedule is only printed on the grow bottle. This is okay if thats the first bottle you pick up, but a little anoying when it isn't.

For pH balance, I found that Emerald Harvest 3 part works perfectly for me and I never need to adjust up or down. Starting with water pH measuring 6.8, I tended to measure between 5.7 and 6.0 after adding nutrients. This is perfect, since I'm growing in coco I use a pH between 5.5 and 6.6.

Good Value

Overall, this is one of the best values on the market. The purchase price is fair by market standards, starting at $45 USD for 1 liter sizes. While this is a little more expensive starting price than some other brands, but cheapest is not always the best value. The value here is that Emerald Harvest Professional 3 Part is highly concentrated, with the recommended doses about half of other brands. This makes it stretch longer, allowing the liter sized set to last for many grows.

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I had high expectations for this product and the performance I've seen from Emerald Harvest Grow, Micro and Bloom nutrients have exceeded those expectations. I like the flexibility to tailor my mix and I love how the plants respond! Thicker stalks, greener leaves and fatter buds speak for themselves and have made this my new go-to nutrients.