This may be our entry-level tent grow kit, but it has enough power to produce heavy yields of top-shelf bud. For under $250 USD, the starter tent kit can net 300 to 500 grams per square meter (1 to 1.7 ounces per square foot), depending on the strain you choose.

Tent – Starting under $90 USD

Grow tents are specially made ‘tents’ with canvas on the outside and a mylar coating on the inside to reflect light back on the plants. Bars on the ceiling structure make it easy to hang lights. Ventilation openings provide airflow control. Tents have a blackout zipper to seal the door and vents can be velcroed, or cinched shut for complete ‘black out’ light control. This is our favorite tent for small grows.

This 2×4 tent is great for micro-grows because it has durable metal connectors a viewing window and good ventilation.

OR for $90

This 3×3 tent from Vipaspectra is perfect for small grows because it has lots of ventilation and is made from quality parts. We use these tents extensively.

Light – Under $90 USD

For growing in compact spaces, you need a light that doesn’t burn hot. LEDs are very efficient so they make a great choice for keeping heat and costs down. These are our favorite lights for small grows.

We have several of these fanless LEDs from Spider Farmer and love them because they are silent, burn cool, and work great in small tents.

Ventilation – Under $20 USD

Without good ventilation, the air in your grow space will become very humid and hot and lead to mold, disease and stress. A good grow space is well ventilated to make it easy to exchange fresh air. We use these small fans because they are very quiet and move a fair amount of air.

Nutrients – Under $30 USD

Cannabis plants need macronutrients for basic building blocks in their rapid growth process. During the vegetation phase, nitrogen is very important and potassium is less important – though those roles reverse during flowering. Marijuana plants need micronutrients too, like iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Read our water and nutrient guide to get the details.

pH Balance Kit – Under $10

You will want to test the pH every time you water to make sure the soil stays in the right pH range. Cannabis likes pH between 5.5 and 7 depending on the strain. See our Water and Nutrient guide to learn more about managing pH.

Soil – Under $15

Cannabis does best if the soil drains excess water well, but doesn’t dry out too quickly. It should also be light and airy enough – compacted soil will stunt root growth. Check out our soil mix guide for more details.

Container – Under $10

Cloth or fabric grow bags, also known as Smart Pots, are exactly what they sound like: cloth bags made for growing. They come in a variety of sizes, from 1 quart (~1 liter) up to 50+ gallons. Made from soft fabric that is easily air and water-permeable, they have excellent drainage. But the best part is that even overgrown plants won’t become rootbound due to ‘air-shearing’. Air-shearing is the process where roots shear off when they reach the air spaces at the edges of the bag, preventing them from becoming bound as they search for new soil. Read more about selecting the right containers in our container and transplanting guide.

Seed – Starting at $20 (including delivery)

Here are two great options for seed. The first is a photoperiod feminized seed that will produce heavier yields but requires your space have good light control for flowering. The second is an auto-flowering strain with great medicinal properties, and since it’s auto-flowering, light control isn’t an issue. Read more about cannabis strains and seeds here.

You have a couple of options with this setup. This setup will work for growing 4 plants if you put them into flower right away in a process known as 12/12 from seed. The most economical option is to grow one plant and use low-stress training to topping make the most use of your space. Learn how to do this in our low-stress training guide.

Total: Under $250 USD

This is a startup cost. Soil is an ongoing cost, but nutrients will last for several grows and the lights will last for over 50k hours.

What can I grow with this setup?

This setup has coverage of around 4 square feet (~.4 sqare meters). The Northern Lights from 00 seeds below was grown with this setup and netted almost 100 grams (3.5 OZ) of high-quality bud in a little over 3 months from seed!

How can I grow more?

Simple answer: more lights and more space. Check out our lighting guide for some ideas.

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Cloning Guide

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