Chocolate Skunk CBD by 00 Seeds – Review

Chocolate Skunk CBD Feminized Seeds Overview

8.5 out of 10

Overall, this plant is an aggressive grower and strikingly beautiful. It took on dark purple tones in the cooler growing temperatures. It needs training, or it gets very tall, but it’s also very productive and has great medicinal value; making this strain an excellent choice for intermediate and advanced growers.

Easy to Grow
8 out of 10
Flowering Speed
8 out of 10
9 out of 10
9 out of 10


Beautiful plant

Holds up to pests

Medicinal applications


Very leggy

Low flavor profile

The Details

We don’t know much about the exact genetics that led to this particular strain because the breeders at 00 Seed are a bit light on the details in that area. My observation of this strain grows like a true hybrid. It is very leggy and tall like it’s skunk Sativa lineage, but it has the fat leaves, and massive bud structures like you would find in an Indica.

We’ve grown several of these and each seed germinated successfully. We kept the plants in vegetative growth for about a month. We topped each one a week before putting them into flower but did not perform any training.

The leaves were very fat, and the lower fan leaves grew very large, reminding me of a kush strain. As soon as we put them into flower, they get extraordinarily leggy and almost tripled in height in the first few weeks!

The flowers are enormous and also remind me of the flowers from a kush strain because of their size. The resin production is incredible, so it’s a good thing that the plant’s structure is stable and was able to maintain the height without drooping under the weight of the large buds.

Chocolate Skunk CBD produces tons of resin and is a striking plant.

The next place this plant shines is in a super-quick flower time, and the breeder says the flowers are ready in 50-55 days after the start of flowering. The timings were accurate to get the highest THC content, and we saw consistent flowering times of 60 days from germination to get a the best medicinal benefits by harvesting at max CBD levels..

With high levels of both THC and CBD, the bud produces a nice sedative effect. It started slow and finished strong.

Easy to Grow?

These plants are very robust and easy to grow through the vegetative stage since they weren’t particularly prone to pest or nutrient issues. As soon as we transitioned over to flowering, it became a slightly different story. The plants proved to be extremely leggy by quadrupling in size. They were about 18″ (47cm) tall when we put them into flower, and I expected them to double that during flowering roughly. They ended up over 6ft (~2m) tall!

In this photo, you can see how much the plant grew after we topped it. It stretched aggressively after switching to 12/12 ligting.

Strong growth is generally a positive thing, but this became something of a problem in my 8′ foot tent. Next time I grow these, I will top multiple times and train more to channel all of that vertical growth into horizontal growth. This is an excellent strain for intermediate and advanced growers but could become a problem for beginners or those growing in confined spaces.

Even though it grew tall and had large buds, the structure was stable enough to hold the flowers upright. This is a view from the top down.

Speed to Flower?

The breeder advises 50-55 days from germination to harvest. We found that to be accurate and uniform across the plants we grew, though we waited 60 days to maximize the CBN development.

Medical Use?

CBD Chocolate Skunk has high levels of CBD and produces relaxing effects, making it an excellent choice for treating pain, anxiety, stress, and depression. We waited to harvest until CBD production was maximized, resulting in the medicinal bud of the highest quality. Learn more on how to find the perfect time to harvest in our harvesting guide.


This strain has medium-high levels of THC that are balanced by high levels of CBD, resulting in relaxing high. The effects are balanced, without racing thoughts or anxiety.


The advertised yield is good.

Indoor plants will reach about 70 – 90 cm. tall and will yield in the region of 400 gr/m2 in a flowering period of between 50 – 55 days.

Remember, our plants ended up over 180cm tall, but we didn’t account for the rapid growth, and the plant wasn’t shaped to take the best advantage of our lights. Still, we saw very respectable yields that were approaching the breeder’s range.

The colas were very dense, with resin coating every surface and spilling off onto the leaves.

The buds were large and dense with high levels of resin development. The plant’s structure is excellent, and we didn’t see much drooping, even though the plant was very tall and the buds were dense and heavy.

Even the lower branches produced large, resin coated buds.


The flowers cure well and results in a beautiful chocolate color with a relatively smooth smoke. The overall flavor profile is mellow and pleasant if not very distinctive.

The cured buds had a chocolate coloration and smoked smoothly.

Grow Setup

We grew in a 4×4 tent with 4 LED lights: one 1200W LED Reflector light, one 800W LED reflector light, and two 400W COB lights. The temp was between 60F and 70F throughout the grow. We grew in a soil/coco mix and used Blue Planet Nutrients as the base nutrient for this grow. Once per week, we added CalMag and liquid seawead.

Since these plants got so much taller than their tent mates, and so close to the top of the tent, each ended up needing its own light. We rotated lights around the tent every couple of days.

About 00 Seeds

This Spanish breeder specializes in Auto and feminized seeds, focusing on strong, unique flavors and aromas while maintaining a classic line of strains. Click here to see more strains from 00 seeds.

Learn more about selecting the right strain for your setup and about buying seeds online in our seed and strain guide.

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