Strain: Dark Devil
Breeder: Sweet Seeds
Grow Space: Outside deck
Lights: Sun only
Medium: Coco and perlite
Nutrients: Emerald Harvest 3-Part

I set out looking for an auto that would be easy to grow, fun to smoke and would look amazing on my back deck. There's a lot to be excited about in this auto from the legendary breeders at Sweet Seeds. Dark Devil's reach a medium height and have great resin production and be ready for harvest 60-65 days after germination and dark coloration to make it stand out.

I'll be growing on an open air deck that gets direct sunlight most of the day. Its not ideal conditions, but its a common setup for growing small autos. This is my first outdoor grow.

Week 2

Week of June 24 - 2018

I started the dark devil along with several others, and its holding its own in terms of size. Its been on the deck since germination and seems to love the sun.

The Dark Devil is the one in the back center.

Dark Devil seedling is center back.

Week 3

Week of July 8 - 2018

She is showing her first signs of flowering. There are whispy white hairs growing along the top.

The Dark Devil is on the far right - she is still holding her own compared to the size of the other plants.

The dark devil is on the far right.

Week 4

Week of July 15 - 2018

We moved her into a larger pot this week and out into more sunlight and she's sped up the growth and is fully in flower now. Look closely and you can see the dark bud coloration that gives the strain its name.

Its still only has 3-point leaves

Week 5

Week of July 22 - 2018

We moved her more into more sunlight this week and upped the nutrients to full blown flower mode and she has really responded. She's 18" tall and putting on mass in the cola and lower buds.

She has gotten taller.

Since increasing the sunlight went so well, we'll move her into even more sun, giving her close to 8 hours of direct sunlight per day. We also pruned off the bottom two buds to help concentrate growth in the cola. We'll see how that works over the week.

The main cola is starting to put on mass

Week 7

Week of Aug 5 - 2018

It has been a hot and sunny summer in the Pacific Northwest and our girl is showing the signs! Over the past two weeks, she's been soaking up the sunshine and pumping the flowers up.

Even though the days have been over 90F (32C), its been dipping into low 60s (15C) at night. The cold nights are accentuating the strain's trait to turn dark purples - making it a truly beautiful plant! You can see that the leaves look cracked, it really stands out in against the dark. I think this might be from the hot days.

She's turning purple in the hot days and cool nights.

I've been watering 3 times a week during the heat, alternating nutrients every other watering. She looks a little burned on the tips, so I'll probably flush her with the next watering.

This really is a striking plant! You can see how stark her colors are by lookiung at her compared to some vegging photoperiods.

The dark devil stands out against the greener strains.

Week 8

Week of Aug 12 - 2018

I needed to bring her inside for a few days while we were doing some repairs. I put her in a 2'x3' under a couple of 400 Watt COB LEDs and she seems to love it. The artificial lights highlight the color differences with this plant and the others.
The cold nights outside have really impacted the plant, turning it very dark. At just 18" tall, she is truly a beautiful plant!

The dark devil stand out with dark purples against bright green begging plants.

The breeder claims that the Dark Devil is ready 65 days after intial germination. This week makes 56 days after germination, but looking closely, it looks like it might be ready in 9 days.

The dark devil's cola is starting to ripen.

Week 9

Week of Aug 19 - 2018

She's pretty much ready, you can see from the picture that all the hairs have turned dark. This is honestly one of the most striking cannabis plants I've ever seen. The yield is lower than I'd hoped for, but it has been a such a pleasure to grow that I would definitely grow recommend for anyone who wanted a great little plant for a stealth grow.

Very dark purple coloration makes the Dark Devil a striking ornamental.

Week 10

Week of Aug 27 - 2018

Looking back on this grow, I can see that there are a few things I can take away as learning experiences. Dark Devil is a fast flowering auto and only has 2 months from start to finish, but I kept it in mostly indirect sun until the 4th week. Wasting that much prime vegetative growth kept the plant smaller than it should have been. While that impacted the yield, the bud appears to be high quality and smells delicious!

It was a hot summer with plenty of wind, but she weathered it pretty well.

The best part of growing this plant was how striking it looked in my garden. Its small size kept it out of the neighbors view and the dark purples made a striking contrast against the greens. This is a beautiful ornamental with a seriously fat cola and I will definitely try it again!

Even the lower buds are a beautiful resin coated purple nuggets!

This has been a fun grow and I can't wait to sample it! I'll report back in a 3 or 4 weeks when it's all dried and cured.