Northern Lights Feminized Seeds Overview

9 out of 10

Northern Lights is a powerful Indica that was originally bred right here in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. In the mid 80’s, some specimens were taken to Europe where they quickly gained popularity in the coffee houses. Since that time, it has become one of the most important strains of all times by contributing genetics to many of today’s modern strains.

Easy to Grow
9 out of 10
Flowering Speed
10 out of 10
9 out of 10
8 out of 10


High CBD production

Holds up to pests

High CBD Production

Low priced seeds


Leggy structure

12 weeks to flower

The Details

We have grown several of these and had 100% seed germination rates. The plants were very fast and vigorous growers. We topped them multiple times and performed low stress training to develop a thick canopy of buds. The buds were ready in 50 days, but it took a full 60 to develop amber trichomes. You’ll need to flower that long if you want your buds to develop CBD.

Easy to Grow?

Northern Lights strains are historically easy strains to grow and are often recommended for new farmers. They are known for being pest and disease resistant and are more forgiving of newbie mistakes. This variant is no exception. The plants we grew were very resistant to mites and nutrient problems and recovered nicely from over and under waterings. The structure was strong, not requiring supports, but not too rigid either.

Speed to Flower?

This is where this Northern Lights excels: the flowering time is one of the lowest of any strain on the market at only 50 days. If you’re looking to develop CBD, which develops later in flower, you will need to leave them in flower for around 60 days.

Northern Lights from 00 Seeds can be harvested after just 50 days in flower.

Medical Use?

This plant has some serious medical applications. As a strong Indica with high levels of CBD, this Northern Lights flower can work well to treat insomnia, stress, anxiety and pain. If you want CBD, you will need to flower for at least 60 days. Learn more on how to find the perfect time to harvest for medical purposes in our harvesting guide.


This modern Northern Lights strain has medium/high levels of THC at around 19%. The effects are relaxing and sedative. We didn’t experience any anxiety or racing thoughts.

Northern Lights from 00 Seeds produces thick, resinous flowers.


The advertized yield is high at 500 grams per square meter. We didn’t see quiet those volumes of yield, but we saw very fat buds covered in plenty of resin. We vegged our plants for one month, for a total grow time just under 4 months and harvested 2 ounces each, working out close to 400 grams per meter.

Grow Setup

We grew in a 4×4 tent with 4 LED lights: one 1200W light, one 800W light and 2 400W COB lights. There were 4 Northern Lights along with other plants. The temp was between 65 and 70 degrees though out the grow. We grew in a soil/coco mix and used Blue Planet Nutrients as the base nutrient for this grow, along with CalMag and occasionally compost tea.

About 00 Seeds

This Spanish breeder specializes in Auto and feminized seeds, focusing on strong, unique flavors and aromas while maintaining a classic line of strains. Click here to see more strains from 00 seeds.

Learn more about selecting the right strain for your setup and about buying seeds online in our seed and strain guide.

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